15 June 2011

Tetris arrangör

So finally... the Tetris drawers.
I got my idea from this blog but had to make a few adjustments to fit my needs.
I didn't use the templates she gave, I made an open sided box out of coloured scrapbook card and put it inside a slightly larger open sided box made from black scrapbook card to make drawers. 
If anyone else wants to make this I would recommend knowing your exact layout when starting rather than winging it like I did and triple check all your measurements and that you have enough card!!
Try and convince people to help as it is a lot of work, I had Marmee scoring, D cutting and me glueing. 
Making open sided cubes 
Glueing together 
The finished product 
Inside a drawer


  1. They look sensational, but how do you open them?

  2. You have to wait until you get a row and then they all spring open at the same time.
    They pull open, I made some little handles to attach which will also serve as labels.