22 May 2012

Jul Gibbs

Hello all,
I can't post a lot of my crafts at the moment as I am mostly making presents for people!
Here is cross stitch I made for my Mum for Christmas, we quite like the programme NCIS and Mum loves Gibbs' rules so I picked a few and did some Gibbs related art to go with it.
 A close up of the crime scene tape

08 April 2012


After a long long break (working my bum off with mountains of Uni work) I proudly present the new lampshade:

Took about 20 hours of painting but worth the sore shoulder and paint covered clothes!

28 August 2011

No new posts

Hey all,
I probably won't be posting for the next few weeks. I am working on stuff but nothing I can put online (surprises/presents etc) and then I will be working on a big cross stitch which will take ages but will be gorgeous! 
Stay classy interwebs

06 August 2011


Here is some of the crockery I have recently decorated, I have chosen a few of my favourites and left out more personal ones. I used special paint which had to be baked, some of the designs I used stencils for and others I had to free hand.

(Design from here)
 Based on Slurm (see here)
Space invaders


Bonus post!
This is the cheapest welcome mat I could find, it was in Ikea for less than £1 and I saw this and thought I could do that (but a bit geekier of course).
I didn't use spray paint for mine as we only had silver and I do not spend money on this kinda stuff! So I used blackboard paint (only non water soluble paint I had in the house) and gave the letters a coat of PVA after (I <3 PVA). 
Here are some more pictures, just cos I am a generous and sharing kind of person.
With the stencil on
Stencil off
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, if it gets wrecked I am sure I can get another ultra cheap mat and do it again.


Apologies for the long gap between posts!
This is something I have been working on for quite a while. The was originally based on an image I found on shutter stock but I had to change the design quite a bit to fit the piece of glass. 
I then saw this on Crafster and thought "oh em gee, I could totally do that" so I did it. Basically I used some black glass paint for the outline, then I used Promarkers to colour in the coloury bits and used PVA to attach beads on.
The finished result.
Close up of the beads.

It took a really long time and I nearly had a nervous breakdown bringing it home from Mum's on the train

11 July 2011

Hem söt hem

Yo yo,
Excuse the lack of posts - not been easy to find the time/motivation to make things. I have just finished a cross stitch for the flat.
Ta da!
This code based "Home Sweet Home" cross stitch was inspired by this dude who got the idea from Futurama. As much as I love Futurama I was more interested in making it look like old coding and making the frame look like an old CRT monitor. The text also glows in the dark, it was a complete accident (picked up the wrong thread) but I am quite happy about it! I did have to alter the pattern, well ok I was totally winging it but it isn't hard to do.
Lataz playa