21 June 2011

Tetris kärlek

Marmee found this and I thought it was very cool so I made my own version!
As a proper Tetris geek I wanted the heart to be made up of full pieces, no odd blocks like the original and because I am awesome at Tetris I managed it! 
I decided to block the line piece from completing the heart because I preferred the way it looked and it happens a lot to me in Tetris!
If anyone wants the pattern just message me, I am happy to email it.

18 June 2011

Växande jeans

My Dad gave me some of his seedlings to grow at our place (to eventually eat) and I got a cheap planter from Sainsburys (about £1.75 I think) and decorated it with a pair of Andy's jeans that I hot glued on.
Finished - with tomato and spinach growing nicely.

Thanks for the plants Dad! Happy Fathers day for tomorrow xxxx

15 June 2011

Tetris arrangör

So finally... the Tetris drawers.
I got my idea from this blog but had to make a few adjustments to fit my needs.
I didn't use the templates she gave, I made an open sided box out of coloured scrapbook card and put it inside a slightly larger open sided box made from black scrapbook card to make drawers. 
If anyone else wants to make this I would recommend knowing your exact layout when starting rather than winging it like I did and triple check all your measurements and that you have enough card!!
Try and convince people to help as it is a lot of work, I had Marmee scoring, D cutting and me glueing. 
Making open sided cubes 
Glueing together 
The finished product 
Inside a drawer

08 June 2011

Skit katts

Kitteh's litter box was bugging me, he loves to dig in his box like he is gonna find gold and it goes everywhere. All other attempts to control the litter spread have failed so I have created a shield to protect from litter spread and sight of litter box. 
It is made from stuff I had lying around the flat and took about an hour to make (including the bricks and curtains) so far cat seems to approve.

Moln ljus

This light shade was made from a smaller (and cheaper) paper shade from Wilkinsons.
I painted it with water colour paint and made some clouds from the stuffing I used for Jeremy Could (the cloud cushion), PVA and cardboard. They are suspended by plain thread hanging from a dismantled wire of a Regolit shade from Ikea (I decorated it BADLY so I chucked it).
more posts to follow soon