23 February 2011


I originally got this (very cheap) mirror and painted it with little flowers for a friend who promptly fell off the face of the earth. So I repainted it the colour of my cold dead heart (black) and printed off this little phrase from Nintendo Pro Wrestling.
I did consider giving this mirror to my brother, but if I ever give him a mirror it needs to say "shave that small animal off your face". 
Yeah D, now the interwebs knows.

A close up of the lettering, I am very proud of it (even if it is a very blurry pic).

20 February 2011


Yo Dawg, I heard you like plastic bags. So I put a plastic bag in a plastic bag made of plastic bags.

I needed a bin and I saw on Craftster that people do all sorts of things with fused plastic bags (you layer lots of plastic bags and iron them together) and I thought it would look cool to make a plastic bag out of plastic bags to put a plastic bag in (for your rubbish). 
I am of course one of the crazy bag ladies who never chucks a carrier bag away and so I had dozens and spent 3 X-Men movies (in a row) cutting, ironing and sewing together my new bin.

layering up and ironing together
sticking the two sides together
Voilà bin:
A bag of plastic bags in my plastic bag made of plastic bags...
I've just seen someone with a similar idea but better here and I can see my next recycling related project!

15 February 2011

Marve Comika

For Andy's Xmas present I made him a picture frame with bits from cut up comic books, not my own idea but we saw it in a restaurant and thought it looked cool!
In the sticking down process...

So I very simply destroyed a Justice League of America comic by cutting out the bits I liked the most, spent a few frustrating hours trying to arrange them without Andy seeing it and then stuck it all down with PVA.

The finished frame:
I also made a little mirror:

PS all posts will now have Ikea names.

09 February 2011

King Bomb-omb

This is King Bomb-omb, he is a tea light holder. He has a little bomb-omb friend that Andy made and some glow in the dark Mario stars. All made from wonderful Fimo! 
Sorry I don't have any progress pics, he was made over Christmas holidays.  

oh HAI!

Hello internet,
I am doing a blog thing of all the stuff Andy and I make for our house. 
We are broke and it is the only way we can have nice and unusual things!
KK better shoot off now, need to take photos of what I have already made.
Lots of love xxx