22 March 2011


So I have some nasty flu type bug, not dying of it but not well enough to go placement. I managed to stay in bed most of the day but was going a bit nuts sat around watching TV so I decorated a lamp that got a bit stained when I was moving.
No making of pics this time just:
Light off
Light on maximum brightness (it will usually be dimmer so you won't see the paint streaks!)
I set myself a new record with this one, from idea to blog post in 4 hours :o)

20 March 2011

lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of geeky crafts, it's been a bit nutty this month. Got a few things planned but may be another week before I can post.
kk <3 ya x

10 March 2011


On a recent trip to my Mum's I was presented with this Bistrot de Paris blackboard and told to decorate it, so I did. I was given some sticky back metallic looking mosaic tiles that I stuck down in a <3 pattern with the pixels falling away from the edge.
Original blackboard
Finished pixel art
I now want to fit a little light at the top, just a few LEDs to draw attention to my list of demands on poor Andy! My darling little brother will be sorting it for me (this is post is serving as a reminder for him) as he is an electronic geek.

01 March 2011


This is a short post.
I found some old CDs and I've seen a few people melt them to make candle holders so I thought I would give it a go whilst doing the tidying up (I am a super multitasker).

The end result
You just whack 'em in the oven at about 190°c for around 10 minutes on top of a glass or something that can handle the heat (or it should get out of the kitchen) and it will melt over it. Be very careful cos it will get hot!
K laterz bai x