28 August 2011

No new posts

Hey all,
I probably won't be posting for the next few weeks. I am working on stuff but nothing I can put online (surprises/presents etc) and then I will be working on a big cross stitch which will take ages but will be gorgeous! 
Stay classy interwebs

06 August 2011


Here is some of the crockery I have recently decorated, I have chosen a few of my favourites and left out more personal ones. I used special paint which had to be baked, some of the designs I used stencils for and others I had to free hand.

(Design from here)
 Based on Slurm (see here)
Space invaders


Bonus post!
This is the cheapest welcome mat I could find, it was in Ikea for less than £1 and I saw this and thought I could do that (but a bit geekier of course).
I didn't use spray paint for mine as we only had silver and I do not spend money on this kinda stuff! So I used blackboard paint (only non water soluble paint I had in the house) and gave the letters a coat of PVA after (I <3 PVA). 
Here are some more pictures, just cos I am a generous and sharing kind of person.
With the stencil on
Stencil off
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, if it gets wrecked I am sure I can get another ultra cheap mat and do it again.


Apologies for the long gap between posts!
This is something I have been working on for quite a while. The was originally based on an image I found on shutter stock but I had to change the design quite a bit to fit the piece of glass. 
I then saw this on Crafster and thought "oh em gee, I could totally do that" so I did it. Basically I used some black glass paint for the outline, then I used Promarkers to colour in the coloury bits and used PVA to attach beads on.
The finished result.
Close up of the beads.

It took a really long time and I nearly had a nervous breakdown bringing it home from Mum's on the train

11 July 2011

Hem söt hem

Yo yo,
Excuse the lack of posts - not been easy to find the time/motivation to make things. I have just finished a cross stitch for the flat.
Ta da!
This code based "Home Sweet Home" cross stitch was inspired by this dude who got the idea from Futurama. As much as I love Futurama I was more interested in making it look like old coding and making the frame look like an old CRT monitor. The text also glows in the dark, it was a complete accident (picked up the wrong thread) but I am quite happy about it! I did have to alter the pattern, well ok I was totally winging it but it isn't hard to do.
Lataz playa

21 June 2011

Tetris kärlek

Marmee found this and I thought it was very cool so I made my own version!
As a proper Tetris geek I wanted the heart to be made up of full pieces, no odd blocks like the original and because I am awesome at Tetris I managed it! 
I decided to block the line piece from completing the heart because I preferred the way it looked and it happens a lot to me in Tetris!
If anyone wants the pattern just message me, I am happy to email it.

18 June 2011

Växande jeans

My Dad gave me some of his seedlings to grow at our place (to eventually eat) and I got a cheap planter from Sainsburys (about £1.75 I think) and decorated it with a pair of Andy's jeans that I hot glued on.
Finished - with tomato and spinach growing nicely.

Thanks for the plants Dad! Happy Fathers day for tomorrow xxxx

15 June 2011

Tetris arrangör

So finally... the Tetris drawers.
I got my idea from this blog but had to make a few adjustments to fit my needs.
I didn't use the templates she gave, I made an open sided box out of coloured scrapbook card and put it inside a slightly larger open sided box made from black scrapbook card to make drawers. 
If anyone else wants to make this I would recommend knowing your exact layout when starting rather than winging it like I did and triple check all your measurements and that you have enough card!!
Try and convince people to help as it is a lot of work, I had Marmee scoring, D cutting and me glueing. 
Making open sided cubes 
Glueing together 
The finished product 
Inside a drawer

08 June 2011

Skit katts

Kitteh's litter box was bugging me, he loves to dig in his box like he is gonna find gold and it goes everywhere. All other attempts to control the litter spread have failed so I have created a shield to protect from litter spread and sight of litter box. 
It is made from stuff I had lying around the flat and took about an hour to make (including the bricks and curtains) so far cat seems to approve.

Moln ljus

This light shade was made from a smaller (and cheaper) paper shade from Wilkinsons.
I painted it with water colour paint and made some clouds from the stuffing I used for Jeremy Could (the cloud cushion), PVA and cardboard. They are suspended by plain thread hanging from a dismantled wire of a Regolit shade from Ikea (I decorated it BADLY so I chucked it).
more posts to follow soon

29 May 2011

Bröllop kirurgi

My cousin had her gallbladder removed so I made her a replacement gallbladder, hopefully it will a successful transplant. There is also a box of other organs (jelly beans) in an Organ Transport case.
The Royal wedding obviously happened recently, so I added some essential Royal Wedding souvenirs for her; tea, bunting and (of course) Kate & Wills stickers.
Here is a close up of the gallbladder.
Glad all went well cuz!

26 May 2011


Second awesome new light shade is a hot air balloon, this was inspired by something my Dad had seen. 
It isn't 100% finished, it still needs passengers and a few touch ups.

25 May 2011


Now we have found somewhere to live all the geeky stuff is finding its way over and settling in, but there is of course much more to be done!
This week I have mostly been decorating the cheap Ikea Regolit light shades to look a bit more appropriate for our flat.
This one is a moon.
The end

10 May 2011


We MAY have somewhere to live :D
So to celebrate I bought a bin for £1.75 and of course it looked like it cost £1.75 so I jazzed it up a bit. I had a book that was falling apart so was no good to give to charity and I didn't enjoy it so I ripped out some pages and painted them...
Then ripped them up and glued them on in my explosion pattern and here is the result.
I didn't use all the pages because I liked it at this stage.

25 April 2011

Moln could

I am avoiding writing an essay, so I made a thing.
I found these sheets from Ikea
So I decided to make a cloud cushion to go with it.
I saw this on Must Have Cute a while ago and made a similar version (over the last 28 hours).
And finally my version:
The child-like embroidery is part of the charm, totally intentional.

Up and down, through the clouds...
Me: I made a could cushion
it'll be on my blog tonight
D: could?
Me: ... its the name of my cloud
it wasn't a spelling mistake
D: heheh, suuure it was

19 April 2011

Jul kött

I made these a while ago based on this which Andy and I loved, but I have been a bit preoccupied recently. They are Xmas decorations, so I am very early but I had felt + a few hours spare so whatevs.
Xmas bacon, it's good for you.
Now check this out!

11 April 2011

denèm gallblåsan

This is another present for my Mum, her birthday was last month but I haven't had a chance to see her so I posted it.
It is a replacement gallbladder (she had hers removed because it was too boring for her) this one is a little more appropriate for her.
Awesome face, zippable for easy stone removal (stones are now chocolates) and little flowers on the back.
I got the idea from I Heart Guts and I heart their entire shop, totally weird and squishy fun.

03 April 2011

Momma blomma

So my Marmee doesn't really like flowers much, but she is a bit geeky. So I Mario'd up some flowers for her and wrapped them with Space Invaders ribbon and some of my little Starmen.
Happy Mothers day to all the Mums out there!

22 March 2011


So I have some nasty flu type bug, not dying of it but not well enough to go placement. I managed to stay in bed most of the day but was going a bit nuts sat around watching TV so I decorated a lamp that got a bit stained when I was moving.
No making of pics this time just:
Light off
Light on maximum brightness (it will usually be dimmer so you won't see the paint streaks!)
I set myself a new record with this one, from idea to blog post in 4 hours :o)

20 March 2011

lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of geeky crafts, it's been a bit nutty this month. Got a few things planned but may be another week before I can post.
kk <3 ya x

10 March 2011


On a recent trip to my Mum's I was presented with this Bistrot de Paris blackboard and told to decorate it, so I did. I was given some sticky back metallic looking mosaic tiles that I stuck down in a <3 pattern with the pixels falling away from the edge.
Original blackboard
Finished pixel art
I now want to fit a little light at the top, just a few LEDs to draw attention to my list of demands on poor Andy! My darling little brother will be sorting it for me (this is post is serving as a reminder for him) as he is an electronic geek.

01 March 2011


This is a short post.
I found some old CDs and I've seen a few people melt them to make candle holders so I thought I would give it a go whilst doing the tidying up (I am a super multitasker).

The end result
You just whack 'em in the oven at about 190°c for around 10 minutes on top of a glass or something that can handle the heat (or it should get out of the kitchen) and it will melt over it. Be very careful cos it will get hot!
K laterz bai x

23 February 2011


I originally got this (very cheap) mirror and painted it with little flowers for a friend who promptly fell off the face of the earth. So I repainted it the colour of my cold dead heart (black) and printed off this little phrase from Nintendo Pro Wrestling.
I did consider giving this mirror to my brother, but if I ever give him a mirror it needs to say "shave that small animal off your face". 
Yeah D, now the interwebs knows.

A close up of the lettering, I am very proud of it (even if it is a very blurry pic).

20 February 2011


Yo Dawg, I heard you like plastic bags. So I put a plastic bag in a plastic bag made of plastic bags.

I needed a bin and I saw on Craftster that people do all sorts of things with fused plastic bags (you layer lots of plastic bags and iron them together) and I thought it would look cool to make a plastic bag out of plastic bags to put a plastic bag in (for your rubbish). 
I am of course one of the crazy bag ladies who never chucks a carrier bag away and so I had dozens and spent 3 X-Men movies (in a row) cutting, ironing and sewing together my new bin.

layering up and ironing together
sticking the two sides together
Voilà bin:
A bag of plastic bags in my plastic bag made of plastic bags...
I've just seen someone with a similar idea but better here and I can see my next recycling related project!