25 April 2011

Moln could

I am avoiding writing an essay, so I made a thing.
I found these sheets from Ikea
So I decided to make a cloud cushion to go with it.
I saw this on Must Have Cute a while ago and made a similar version (over the last 28 hours).
And finally my version:
The child-like embroidery is part of the charm, totally intentional.

Up and down, through the clouds...
Me: I made a could cushion
it'll be on my blog tonight
D: could?
Me: ... its the name of my cloud
it wasn't a spelling mistake
D: heheh, suuure it was

19 April 2011

Jul kött

I made these a while ago based on this which Andy and I loved, but I have been a bit preoccupied recently. They are Xmas decorations, so I am very early but I had felt + a few hours spare so whatevs.
Xmas bacon, it's good for you.
Now check this out!

11 April 2011

denèm gallblåsan

This is another present for my Mum, her birthday was last month but I haven't had a chance to see her so I posted it.
It is a replacement gallbladder (she had hers removed because it was too boring for her) this one is a little more appropriate for her.
Awesome face, zippable for easy stone removal (stones are now chocolates) and little flowers on the back.
I got the idea from I Heart Guts and I heart their entire shop, totally weird and squishy fun.

03 April 2011

Momma blomma

So my Marmee doesn't really like flowers much, but she is a bit geeky. So I Mario'd up some flowers for her and wrapped them with Space Invaders ribbon and some of my little Starmen.
Happy Mothers day to all the Mums out there!