29 May 2011

Bröllop kirurgi

My cousin had her gallbladder removed so I made her a replacement gallbladder, hopefully it will a successful transplant. There is also a box of other organs (jelly beans) in an Organ Transport case.
The Royal wedding obviously happened recently, so I added some essential Royal Wedding souvenirs for her; tea, bunting and (of course) Kate & Wills stickers.
Here is a close up of the gallbladder.
Glad all went well cuz!

26 May 2011


Second awesome new light shade is a hot air balloon, this was inspired by something my Dad had seen. 
It isn't 100% finished, it still needs passengers and a few touch ups.

25 May 2011


Now we have found somewhere to live all the geeky stuff is finding its way over and settling in, but there is of course much more to be done!
This week I have mostly been decorating the cheap Ikea Regolit light shades to look a bit more appropriate for our flat.
This one is a moon.
The end

10 May 2011


We MAY have somewhere to live :D
So to celebrate I bought a bin for £1.75 and of course it looked like it cost £1.75 so I jazzed it up a bit. I had a book that was falling apart so was no good to give to charity and I didn't enjoy it so I ripped out some pages and painted them...
Then ripped them up and glued them on in my explosion pattern and here is the result.
I didn't use all the pages because I liked it at this stage.